Vision & Mission


Sport is effectively used to give children the opportunity to achieve their potential.


We believe that children’s participation in sport is a key component of their education and personal development. Our aim, through the provision of kit, coaching and competitive age group cricket, is to provide increased opportunities for the disadvantaged boys and girls of Dharavi and beyond. The potential spin-offs, from a life skills perspective, are enormous and include:

  • Breakdown of barriers between classes, castes, ages and sexes;
  • Children able to realise their potentials and maximise them;
  • Mutual respect in sport carried over to other aspects of life;
  • Improved discipline through a rule abiding activity;
  • Enjoyment of the game and execution of its skills;
  • Increased understanding of fair play and ethics;
  • Leadership skills, including learning to feel responsible for oneself and others;
  • Personal development in the form of fitness and mental wellbeing.

Pursuant upon the above is the establishment of a Dharavi Cricket Club, wherein boys and girls between the ages of 10-18 will be able to enjoy the game, while at the same time aid their personal development through community, social and sporting interaction.