What can you do to help?


Just some of the kit already donated to Project Front Foot by
children, parents, schools and clubs.

During the current close season, it is likely that your kids will have out-grown some, if not all, of last summer’s kit. With this in mind, I urge you to scour that alcove under the stairs, the garage, bedroom drawers, airing cupboard and your club pavilion in search of old, second-hand or out-grown clothing and kit to fit an age range of 8-18.

Project Front Foot will take everything from shirts, flannels, socks, pads, bats, balls, batting and wicket-keeping gloves to trainers and gym shoes. If you have any of the items listed then please get in touch by contacting us.

If you have no kit, but are still keen to offer support then we have opened a Project Front Foot bank account with the Lloyds TSB Clubs & Charities section. All monies collected through this appeal will be channelled directly back into the Dharavi economy as we use their myriad of tailors to alter and adjust flannels, shirts and pads, while local carpenters will be on hand to customise bats and stumps. If you wish to contribute through this method then please get in touch by contacting us.

We look forward to hearing from you.